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Brendel Associates Limited is a Michigan entity and was incorporated in February of 2004 by Brent Rijnovean who serves as the company’s President and is active in daily operations.

Brendel Associates was created at the request of Oxford Technical Solutions to service, support and sell their line of unique inertial navigation systems. Over the years Brendel Associates has enhanced its technical skills and market positioning by expanding its sales and service relationships to include offerings from Pegasem Messtechnik, NeuwGhent Technology, Datron Technology UK, Isaac Instruments and KMT Telemetry/Kraus Messtechnik GmbH– see summaries below. Our target market is product development engineering and test/validation centers that require vehicle dynamics and performance testing equipment. The goal is to provide superior product solutions and support services to our end users.

Mr. Rijnovean became involved with automotive instrumentation during his employment with Corrsys-Datron – a test instrumentation sales and service firm in the Detroit area. There he served as a Sales Engineer and finally as Vice-President of North American Operations for the U.S. office of this German parent company until his departure in early 2004.

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Brendel Associates provides test and measurement solutions for land, air and marine based applications.

Our solutions span a wide range of technologies to provide you with products that meets your needs and your budget. Technology offerings include: GNSS/GPS, inertial navigation systems (INS), inertial measurement units (IMU), MEMS type accelerometers and rate gyros, optics, magnetic pulse encoders, doppler radar/microwave, load cells/force measurement, rotational and point to point telemetry, data acquisition and logging.

Find out how solutions from Brendel Associates Limited can help you perform your measurement and testing tasks.


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