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Brendel Associates Limited is a Michigan entity and was incorporated in February of 2004 by Brent Rijnovean who serves as the company’s President and is active in daily operations.

Brendel Associates was created at the request of Oxford Technical Solutions to service, support and sell their line of unique inertial navigation systems. Over the years Brendel Associates has enhanced its technical skills and market positioning by expanding its sales and service relationships to include offerings from Pegasem Messtechnik, NeuwGhent Technology, Datron Technology UK, Isaac Instruments and KMT Telemetry/Kraus Messtechnik GmbH– see summaries below. Our target market is product development engineering and test/validation centers that require vehicle dynamics and performance testing equipment. The goal is to provide superior product solutions and support services to our end users.

Mr. Rijnovean became involved with automotive instrumentation during his employment with Corrsys-Datron – a test instrumentation sales and service firm in the Detroit area. There he served as a Sales Engineer and finally as Vice-President of North American Operations for the U.S. office of this German parent company until his departure in early 2004.

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Our Brands

Oxford Technical Solutions:

RT2000, 30000 and 4000 series Inertial Navigation Units with GPS from Oxford Technical Solutions. In short, the RT series is a complete motion dynamics platform in a single portable, easy to mount and use compact box for real-time application needs. The unit is smaller than a shoe box and can stand alone as a logging system with on board memory allowing for up to 160 hours of data logged at 100Hz (250Hz optional). Naturally it can be used as part of a distributed instrumentation setup too, connecting to a data acquisition system, laptop, or display via serial, Ethernet, CAN, NMEA or analog outputs. Post-processed solutions are also available.  The ease of installation and use factors put the RT in a class of its own. Also worth noting is that the RT series is competitively priced and completely upgradeable so that the system can change as your test and budget needs do too.

RT-Range is an optional component of the RT series of INS with GPS products for ranging and position tracking applications. RT-Range is a real-time tool for the development and validation of vehicle sensor systems and applications for lane departure, advanced/adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance. Real-time positioning – want to know the distance of a vehicle from a curved path? No problem. Pedestrian avoidance can also be accomplished using the RT-Backpack module. RT-Range provides 2cm position resolution.

Inertial+ modular Inertial Navigation System is a relative of the proven RT series of INS with GPS products from Oxford Technical Solutions.  Inertial+ is still a blended INS with GPS system, the key is that you may already own a high quality GPS receiver or may have military/tactical applications that utilize a P/Y code GPS receiver, DAGR, etc. We can easily accommodate an external GPS device with the Inertial+ product from OxTS. Features and functions are similar to the RT, but Inertial+ has the ability to work with an external GPS receiver as well as stand on its own.  Inertial+ units can also be upgraded to RT systems if an “all-in-one” system is desired. Lastly, a dual antenna/GPS receiver version – Inertial+2- is also available.  Inertial+ is intended to appeal to the owner/user of an existing GPS receiver and has interfaces created for the mobile survey and scanning community.


Pegasem Measurement Systems:

Conventional 5th wheels, wheel speed encoders/sensors, microwave ground speed sensors, pedal force transducers, string pots, wheel hub telemetry, modular wheel hub/body mounting systems (lug nut, collet, and magnetic cap) and sliprings. Pegasem offers driver displays (P100 series) that can scale a digital/pulse value as well as an analog input, plus compact and powerful in vehicle test displays and measurement systems. These units work great with existing transducers – mechanical, optical or GPS.  This company has the products you want with the performance you expect at reasonable prices.


KMT Telemetry:

Founded in 1979 near Munich, Germany, KMT has been involved in the design and manufacture of mobile data acquisition and telemetry system for over 30 years.  KMT has a high level of experience and is a well known leader in the fields of data acquisition, wireless transmission, storage and analysis of strain, torque, vibration, force, shock, displacement, temperature and flow parameters.  KMT products small size and robust construction fulfill today’s test requirements where extreme conditions and mobile applications are the trend.  KMT single and multi channel telemetry systems are plug and measure solutions.


Moshon Data:

Trainers and consultants of systems used for AEB, FCW, LDW, LKS and ACC. Moshon supplies the EuroNCAP Vehicle Target (EVT) and the Flex-Moshon EVT towing system.



4activeSystems focuses on dummies and testing systems for active vehicle safety. 4activeSystems is working in the field of active vehicle safety with the main focus on facility technologies and dummy objects for testing AEB-systems. Since 2007 4activeSystems is developing and manufacturing mobile and stationary AEB-Test equipment for outdoor use.

4activeSystems has developed the current static EuroNCAP Dummies (Adult, Child) which meet the specified requirements (visual-, radar-, IR-properties, robustness). 4a has also developed an articulating dummy which represents walking and running pedestrians. A EuroNCAP bicyclist and Elk dummy are also offered.


Dr. D. Wehrhahn:

Dr. D. Wehrhahn offers laser measuring technology, ultrasound measuring technology, thickness measurement and distance measurement – measuring technology for all branches of industry.

Wehrhahn’s portfolio includes the non contact one- and two-dimensional laser measuring systems OPTImess, OPTIscan, OPTImess 2D, ultrasonic distance and thickness measuring systems, DELTA MASTER systems, PUR foam quality grading systems, and contacting thickness measuring systems.


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